Cali Rich Tea

NEW super tea product! –  healthy brew that boosts the immune system and general WELLNESS.

High-Antioxidant Tea

This new tea is based on a unique blend of a medicinal African herbal plant grown in equatoral Africa by natives for centuries. It has been used as Super Food to boost metabolism which can strengthen the immune system.

New recipe contains a unique combination of African green tea (Bitter Leaf) with Kola, Mint Leaf, Lemon Grass and Ginger. It’s loaded with healthy nutrients and antioxidants allowing the body to detoxify itself from many unhealthy toxins.


 ~ “Healthy Body is a Cali Rich Body!”

Immune Support

High Antioxidant


Excellent Quality

Natural Ingredients

Excellent Quality

Increase Energy

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Boost Metabolism

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✅ Lab-Tested natural ingredients

Healthy Hydration

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Unique Tea Formula for Health

Fitness & Wellness

Designed with the sense of wellness in mind, Cali Rich Tea has many HEALTH benefits to help you STAY MORE FIT.

Enjoy Our Healthy Tea

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Serve Warm or cold

Refreshing Taste

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Healthy Hydration

Healthy Nutrition Facts that were lab-tested by an independent agency as well as by the product’s inventor.

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